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Wen “Boss” Mukubu back on the bench of Kangaroos at the game

Wen Boss Mukubu sat on the bench of Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen at the SportOase on Monday night Leuven. After spending two weeks in intensive care following a severe infection, the Belgian Player of the Year was eager to cheer on his teammates in the fourth game of the semifinals of the Belgian playoffs. He had visited them before, but this was the first time he attended a game since his health problems. Dressed in a blue jacket and white pants, he played his role as captain with gestures and his voice. He also spoke several times with coach Kristof Michiels. When he moves, it is still difficult to walk. A long rehabilitation period awaits him. It is clear that it will take him time to get back his athletic body, his energy and his explosiveness, but the important thing is: he is better.

by : Daniel Devos


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