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De Pagter stays with Landstede Hammers

Ralf de Pagter is also a player for Landstede Hammers in the upcoming season. The 32-year old forward starts his sixth season in Zwolle, where he already won the national championship.

Photo: Landstede Hammers

De Pagter came over from Den Bosch in 2017, where he put several awards behind his name. In 2015, De Pagter became national champion with Den Bosch and also won the cup and Supercup several times. In Zwolle, he grew into a very valuable and valued force from the very first moment, while his trophy cabinet was also replenished. In 2017, that started with winning the Supercup, followed by the national title and again the Supercup. In addition, De Pagter was part of the squad that enjoyed a successful European campaign in the 2019/2020 season.

Aleksandar Todorov, general manager of Landstede Hammers, is obviously very happy with De Pagter’s contract extension. “I don’t need to tell anyone that Ralf has been of great value for the Hammers in recent seasons. Last season he had his best season of his career, until he unfortunately got injured. The nomination for best player of the Netherlands was therefore truly his. With Ralf, we keep an important pawn and we are very happy with that. Together we’re going to make it a great season.”


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