About BNXT

BNXT is a new basketball community uniting belgium & the netherlands in an innovative competition

Introducing BNXT

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BNXT is a mindset

A mindset that goes beyond the competition

BNXT is a call to action

to be the next contender, champion, player, talent, believer & beginner... in a new basketball community uniting the Netherlands & Belgium

BNXT is a milestone

a horizon that goes beyond basketball raising the popularity of the no.1 indoor sport focusing on its culture on and off the court

BNXT aims for the future by empowering believers and challenging members

betFIRST BNXT League is a Professional competition

games with impact, events growing the popularity of the game,
basketball as a way of life by the players / for the fans

betFIRST BNXT League is a unified team

with all stakeholders involved a company setting new standards in media an events producer involving fans to unite

betFIRST BNXT League collaborates

with its stakeholders to run the competition includes fans through events is ambitious & caring

Mission & Vision

By organizing and commercializing its key products EuroMillions Basketball League (the league of professional basketball clubs in Belgium playing in the men’s first division), the (finals of the) Belgian Cup and the Supercup, the Pro Basketball League aims to: inspire young people and encourage active participation in basketball mobilize familiesto attend basketball games and allow them to enjoy top spectacle and sports performances contribute to the national pride by stimulating top talent to aim for a spot on the National Team and Olympic delegations.

Basketball is well on its way to become the second largest sport in the world after football. The game is exciting, fast and demands an all-round athletic fitness and strategic insight by its players that no other sport can match. Basketball is highly accessible and has the 3rd largest number of participants in Belgium, after football and recreational cycling, especially in youth categories under 18 years old. Basketball is the most popular indoor sport in Belgium and thereby differentiates itself strongly from football in terms of experience. A good atmosphere without violence, tension & relaxation, sports and entertainment. Basketball attracts lots of people to the arenas, viewers to the television and the youth to playgrounds and sports halls.

The EuroMillions Basketball League plays an important magnet role in all of this. A financially healthy, credible and exciting competition at the highest level is attractive for partners and media and contributes to the creation of healthy clubs with strong youth programs and talent development.

The various competition formats (Under 21, Belgian Cup, 3×3 and Fantasy League) provide role models for our youth and contribute to the talent development of our future star players.

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